Who or what is asaddo?

Curious about the name asaddo? I'd love to tell you that it's coming about is an engaging and witty tale that you'll want to tell your friends and family, but it's really not.

My actual name is Amanda, and asaddo.com is basically my outletfor creative exploration, be it drawing...
... painting...
... writing...
... designing...
... developing.... Anything!

So with that, I hope you enjoy :)


Drawing - New Years 2006
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Munich 24 Berlin - Goodwill Cycling

When my brother said he was going to ride 630km in 24 hours, I told him he was crazy. I also agreed to build a website to properly promote his insane undertaking. I only had a few days to build the site, but just in case he didn't survive, I tried to make sure he'd go out in style.

Red Café

A trendy restaurant / bar / café located in Melbourne's south eastern suburbs. Built from scratch, this site includes an admin system for easy menu updates, and a lunch pre-ordering system.

Amelia Saltsman / Food

Writer, cooking teacher, and author of the award-winning "The Santa Monica Farmers' Market Cookbook", this site is Amelia's resource to help everyday cooks make the connection between small-farmed foods and real-life meals.

Councilwoman Philippa Klessig

Philippa Klessig was running a campaign to be re-elected as Mayor of Westlake Village back in 2011. This site was built on a short timeline to help communicate, promote, and demonstrate Philippa's goals for the future of Westlake Village. She was successfully re-elected.

Mon petit blog français

A personal blog I built using Wordpress to both practice my French and expand my skills onto a popular framework.

Isabel Garreton

Conceived over 20 years ago to provide underprivileged women with a dignified work opportunity. Carefully crafted collections protect the skills at rist of disappearing and speak loudly of touch to a world that feels nostalgia for a time and place full of human contact.

Lost Angels Animal Welfare Society

Lost Angels Animal Welfare Society is a global network of caring people who are dedicated to the welfare of animals. I volunteered to build their website, both for practice and to help a wonderful cause.

Asaddo Ancienne

My very first website! They were pretty exciting times.... It's basically just an older version of the current site you're browsing. I had built it from scratch after teaching myself XHTML and CSS in a month back in 2009.